Welcome to abw Australia

abw Australia is now Hubb Consultants

ABW AUSTRALIA, we are experts in the field of workplace strategy implementation, modification and transition.

Work is the coming together of people, time, space and place to achieve goals. The way in which you go about achieving these results is called workplace strategy.

People’s attitudes toward work have dramatically changed this past decade with conventions and systems of the past no longer being valid.  Gone are the days when work is exclusive to the four walls of the office. Today work is mobile, agile and everywhere. Building the right environment to bring out the best in people is fundamental and is the biggest challenge organisations face. It’s a real science!

ABW AUSTRALIA recognises this challenge and offers real, pragmatic solutions to help companies thrive in today’s modern competitive marketplace. Our signature consultancy services offer clients the ability to advance and accelerate organisational growth based on our 25 years of workplace design and strategy experience.

We invite you to view our list of seminars or arrange a private obligation free initial consultation to see how we can equip you and your organisation with the tools to develop a workplace strategy that promotes continuous improvement.