Alternative Working Strategies Explained

course summary

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Start Date: TBA

Duration: 1/2 day

Status: Available

course outline

Our seminar; Alternative Working Strategies Explained will provide you with a holistic understanding of alternative working in the past, present and future and provide insight on what it means to develop an Alternative Working Strategy future in order to achieve success.

We will equip you with the tools to correctly diagnose the key determinants that affect modern day businesses and will assist in designing and implementing these strategies.

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Alternative Working Strategies Explained (code: 14101AWS) AUD 450 + GST per person

Group Discounts available (for Credit Card payments)

–2 delegates - save 10%
–5 delegates - save 25%

Run this course at your office

If the training dates do not suit your company we also provide this course in a workshop format for internal delivery.
*Minimum six (6) attendees required for onsite program.

Learning Outcomes

Starting with some assumed knowledge of the concepts and methodology behind alterative working strategies of the past, present and future, this seminar lays out the strategic thinking behind Alternative working and how to recognize what would work well for you and your workplace.

  • What is Alterative Working Strategy?
  • How does it work?
  • What is AWS Past / Present and Future?
  • Why will it be important?  
  • How does it affect humans involved?
  • What your current way of working?
  • How do we identify the best fit for our future?
  • The common mistakes
  • How to effectively plan alternative working
  • Demographic issues
  • Cultural issues
  • Management issues
  • Staff issues
  • Client issues
  • Building issues
  • Stakeholders  issues
  • Infrastructure and Technologies issues
  • What is your AWS Plan?
  • Implementation strategy

Who should attend?

The Alternative Working Strategies Explained (code: 14101AWS) seminar has been designed for all people who have a responsibility to manage staff and or devise workplace strategy for their organisations including:



Human Resources Managers

Facility Managers

Asset Managers

Office Managers

Practice Managers

Administration Managers

Operations Managers

Customer Service Managers

Business Owners

Building Maintenance Managers