Hybrid Approach

Hybrid Approaches to Workplace Strategy or sometimes called “Transitional Strategy” are devised to be an incremental stepping stone to a desired working destination. Developed to integrate the highest priority or most relevant points of a particular workplace strategy without having to fully transition or undergo a full revolutionary change in the workplace, which may alienate some or most of the organisation.


Primarily used in transitioning to Activity Based Working (ABW) where the staff demographics, generations or leadership seem to lack ABW readiness.  A hybrid approach can be implemented to enhance the working efficiencies of the company whilst slowly developing a framework for acquisition of a more developed strategy over time.
Whilst a forgiving approach, the hybrid strategy should not be undertaken without guidance and thorough discovery. The discovery period will be the pivotal element in determining the scale or shape of the hybrid approach and will determine its length and duration to transition.
Many companies investigate Activity Based Working because of the significant benefits it can bring to an organisation, but are concerned about its application and possible adverse outcomes.
ABW Australia offers consultative advice to companies investigating a hybrid approach to ABW and can  determine whether the possibility of a hybrid approach may be a more sound business case for you.
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