Change Management

"Change before you have to."
- Jack Welch, GE Legendary CEO

Working in the knowledge economy is all about the ‘knowledge workers’. Successful knowledge leaders must have effective practices and methods for helping people adapt to new ways of work – fundamentally the domain of change and transitions.

For most people change is hard. It’s uncomfortable, difficult and sometimes it is downright painful. Although change is a crucial part of productivity, people tend to shy away from it, or to be more accurate – ‘run’ from it.

This is why it's important to understand how people are feeling as change happens. Management need to guide them through it so that – in the end – people can accept it and support it. Research by Peter Senge, reveals that over 70% of all organisational change efforts fail to meet expectations and deliver planned results. Too much attention is given on what to manage: goals, strategies, action plans or project plans, yet ignoring, neglecting or downplaying how to lead people through transition.

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