consultancy services

Time to think differently…the rules to the game have changed.

As life has changed in the last two decades so has work. Work is faster; workplace change is faster and is performed by a new workforce. ABW AUSTRALIA is on the frontline and understands this ever evolving workplace landscape ... we have the answers!

Our signature consultancy service helps organisations Australia wide respond more intelligently to the knowledge worker age. ABW AUSTRALIA specialises in providing consultancy, technical advice and project management solutions related to environmental Change Management, ABW (Activity Based Working) and AWS (Alternative Work Strategies). We offer impartial guidance on workspace strategy, providing services in design, strategy implementation and business process improvement to help you achieve more per square meter and per staff member.

ABW AUSTRALIA capitalises on data collection, research and analysis to be able to effect the most needed interruption. We draw wisdom from the information gathered and evaluate these against global benchmarks empowering quantifiable and precise destinations for People, Company and Place.

ABW AUSTRALIA consultancy services are bespoke to client’s requirements. We make sure you maximize your in-house resources and benefit from our expertise in as much or as little as you need.

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