Alternative Work Strategies (AWS)

Alternative Work Strategies or sometimes referred to as AWE (Alternative Working Environments) or AWA (Alternative Working Arrangements) are normally defined as a set of strategies that enable more flexible and efficient work by individuals and teams within an organisation.  These often include the breaking of the paradigm of a dedicated desk for every worker and recognition that a significant number of desks are not utilized for a large percentage of the day.  In this instance actions to increase desk utilization can be developed.  AWS also includes the provision of a greater variety of spaces through the design of an activity based workplace (ABW) that allows workers to choose where and how they perform necessary tasks.  [Source:]

The nature of work, including function, design and location has undergone a major transformation in recent years. In response to a world that is fast-changing, increasingly networked, distributed and virtual - companies strive to be global and align their workspace to be more agile. The trending win-win solution for organisations and the individual is an approach popularly called Alternative Work Strategy or Alternative Work Strategies (AWS).

Essentially, the basic idea of AWS is using less real estate to boost performance. AWS is not just setting, it is also location and work practice. It encompasses a wide range of initiatives but selecting the right initiative, its cultural implications and outcomes are a science.

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Alternative Working Strategies Seminar

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