Change & Transition Management

How organisations handle environmental change and transition management is the most commonly over-looked piece of the puzzle in successful projects. Throughout many years of experience we have seen companies repeat the same scenario outlined below.

Upper Management undertakes these projects because they believe that there is sufficient gain to the organisation to warrant the expense.

Similarly, Upper Management usually moves forward on the basis that since it is in everyone’s best interest, those individuals affected will of course endorse the project and work hard to make it a success.

Middle Management undertakes the delivery of these projects without the necessary means, skills, experience, training nor cognizance of understanding to deliver it successfully. Middle Management then goes through a sequential series of events that revolve around putting out fires and handling poor information.

Ultimately this leads to Middle Management being stressed and devastated. Not what Upper Management had in mind?

Line staff traditionally get little or no input, involvement and typically follow the response to change loop.

Their responses move from shock and denial through to anger and bargaining at different times during the transition. This results in corporate chaos, lost productivity, poor staff turnover and disillusionment.

Ultimately, costing the company far more than Upper Management ever intended on a cultural, productivity and fiscal level.

All too often Upper Management receive a massive rude shock, leading to brinksmanship, authoritarian decision making and repeating the response to change loop consecutively.



To avoid this adverse response to change, ABW AUSTRALIA has a comprehensive program for modern organisations who use projects as the catalyst for change.

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Change and Transition Management Seminar

Effectively managing workplace change and transition is one of the most critical elements of success for any corporate transitional project. Through our comprehensive training seminar on How to Effectively Manage Workplace Change and Transition, ABW AUSTRALIA works with you to facilitate the alignment of your staff with your goals.