Leadership Training (For a New Age)

How does a leader or manager motivate a new age workforce?

Managers of today's businesses must look to coach, not dictate. The need is to teach, train and lead by example but most importantly they must understand the new age workforce and their needs. They have to understand that their skills and knowledge are no value to the organisation behind the closed doors of an office.

With issues like an aging workforce, millennial workers and non-English speaking background workers becoming the norm - does your management team really have the skills to motivate, inspire and achieve the results required with their current skill set?

ABW AUSTRALIA offers a comprehensive Leadership Training Program aimed for Supervisor/Team Leader to Middle Management levels. This program will train your best talents on how to connect with the new age workforce and provide a skill set of tools to enable them to thrive amongsts these challenges.

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Leadership for A New Age Seminar

Being an effective leader is an important skill in today’s professional arena. Our seminar on Leadership for A New Age explores modern strategies for dealing with businesses and employees in the technology age.

Find out how to become a successful leader, coach and mentor in your workplace at our half day course - Leadership for A New Age.