Workplace Strategy

What Is Workplace Strategy?

Workplace Strategy is: 
“The dynamic alignment of an organisation’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and cost reductions.”

In practice, a workplace strategy is: 
“A systematic approach for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of how work space is used by changing the way work space is configured.”

Why Is Workplace Strategy Important?

Change as they say is constant. An entirely new way of working is being created by a new breed of mobile and connected workers powered by new technologies affecting conventional workstations to home offices. Work environments built these past centuries are increasingly unsuited to evolving practices and are limiting workers from exhibiting their full potential. A key facet of the new workplace according to a recent IBM study reveals that three times as many industry out-performers have extensively implemented smarter working practices (see Extensive Adopters of Smart Working Practices).

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Introduction to Workplace Strategy Seminar

Our Introduction to Workplace Strategy seminar is the perfect launch point for exploring an Alternative Work Strategy that will suit the future vision of your organisation.

If you are looking to combat numerous workplace challenges or would just like to investigate some alternative working strategies for your organisation then attend our half day course on the Introduction to Workplace Strategy.